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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2013 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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and involve pediatric medicine regarding the key relative exposure to carcinogens which is lacking today. the use of this material is currently being challenged . in the california supreme court last month two fundamental supports are being challenged in washington dc; when you choose to recognize the toxicity of this material you can simply remove it; what cannot be done is to extract the metals, chemicals and carcinogens from the bodies and nervous systems of the children were being exposed yesterday, today and tomorrow. >> president chiu, can you hear me? >> yes we can. >> my name is j kennedy.
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i come today in this time of budgetary planning to commend you for your participation. i also come to bear witness about a wonderful participatory effort, called, i want to put it on the overhead. can you read it? called the utility underground task force report to the san francisco board of supervisors; it included all the districts, at&t, comcast, department of public works, public into this commission, 55 page report which have to do with undergrounding utilities, popular with the citizenry. i want to note the date, small
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to see. submitted in good faith in january, 2007. i urge you as you think about budgets to put a completion of undergrounding public utilities on your high priority list. you are the stewards of the city. the city deserves no less. thank you for your attention. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is oscar james. i am a resident of -- point. i served on many committees. my concern is election of the new committee. i have problems with what i have gotten on my computer saying that the city will select 12 members to represent --
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the residents of our community. i served in my committee since 1968, first and the eeoc board, joint housing. we were all elected by third of residents. i asked that this be rescinded and that the residents have preference and selecting who they want to serve on cac. i also surf the mayor's task force. we have never allowed anyone to come up in our community and dictate to us, when robert kennedy came to our community 1968
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, to find out what we wanted in housing he asked the young people in the community , what do we want. we demand a voice in the community; . would not allow city hall or anyone else and dictate to our residents thank you very much and i want to thank london breed for being one of those persons on the redevelopment commission that brought the police station down and sixth street and many other things that she has done as a commissioner and anyone who would run for election or anyone else should participate in the community organizations. >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> tom gilberty, (sounds like) south beach marina apartments. a little repeat. i have no title, no claim to
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fame, not a head of any major organization. the bayview apartments open up 25 years ago. i moved in in december, 24 years ago, 10 months later we had the little earthquake of '89. i don't want what happened in my neighborhood to continue to happen in other neighborhoods, basically unregulated rent and noise. so with that let's go to the overhead angle back to our global birds' nest village; it's going to be in stockton street. the inspiration for that is
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like an tower, why not? we have four hours that we want to build, an imminent domain, very doable. what you won't see in the environmental impact reports, where the noise is going. where the noise is going, you have ventilation systems, this is going to be the end, dumped off the side, over here you will have ventilation for automobiles, the garage, and then, with 12 seconds left you also have environmental impact report of what happens when just got an emergency generator and those are emergency generators and those are all noise, and unregulated. thank you for your time. >> president chiu: thank you . next speaker.
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>> good afternoon supervisors. my name is thomas -- i am a resident in the dolores park, it is in general regarding all of san francisco anything it bears repetition to say this is a world-class city, the most liberal city in the united states, perhaps the most liberal city in the planet earth and we need to move forward with a lot of regard for the citizens of earth, meeting people who live here not the rich little kids were running to get stone and high in dolores park. i think it is an invasion of the 18th street corridor. inds (indiscernible)we don't walk down the sidewalk anymore because restaurants have taken over. i live on the corner, i know
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them all. there is drug dealing out the window. my daughter was born 15 years ago there. there is no ordinance being of help. there is no regulation. the noise violation is unbelievable. the over density population of dolores park is exceeding any kind of limited its existing. we give our care to money. we can talk about all the gay freedom and all the liberation and the wonderful things about the ozone layer but what about the people who live in the city. we do nothing for them. we are invaded. we are not able to live there remove and i am sorry for speaking so hastily but i do not know that it is only two mintues. but i wanted direction from the board perhaps supervisor wiener; we need to enforce the fact
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that we cannot be talking outside of people's windows. they can loiter outside of our windows all night long. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon -- from san francisco. in these days of terrorism and evil this over evil that, perhaps it it would help if we came to the realization that there is evil in the world and it stems from a worldwide sickness of the human heart; sickness stemming from broken hearts and broken dreams, misery, despair, what a heartbreak for inanity. instead of pointing fingers of evil a perhaps
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we should just throw our arms around one another worldwide and have ourselves a little fashion cry for the tragedy that is engulfing the human spirit. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors my name is douglas -- in today's examiner, there is an article titled mental patient dumping probe started. i would like to inform city attorney herrera that that is an ongoing practice hinted in this article and the board of supervisors and the mayor's office will stop interfering with a full audit of the department a public health, i'm sure city attorney herrera
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would have found out about practice years ago. why don't we try to find out why. for so many years , why were so many patients going through san francisco hospital getting free care, when i interviewed them for eligibility so many of them fit the pattern that they were coming outside of the state of california and it was pretty obvious to me that so many of those patients had been told, you come to general hospital. you will get free care. there was no mention of medi-cal. let's put it this way. if you want to help the poor people, maybe you ought to do the full audit of the department of public health; and then you will see how much money has been wasted since 1989, and you can cannot calculate that you guys have been sitting here
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not doing your job. also i would like to know how much money the mayor was able to collect while he was in china for the support of the america's cup since you came up empty on treasure island and the other location. let's asking how much he got for the america's cup. that is something for -- thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> mr. president, members of this body. today i stand before you as a saddened father, because with the episode in boston, a little child -- one of his limbs.
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and let's not forget this woman. he will never, ever be the same as long as you lift. i am sure our hearts and prayers will go to this little kid. a terrible act. with gods help let us go forward, -- inds (indiscernible)and how the residents in our prayers. inds (indiscernible)that is what i have to inds (indiscernible)thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> behold, two of them
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went that same day to village called ameas, in the talk together about all these things which it happened and it came to pass that while the commute together and recent jesus himself drew near and went with them. what manner of communication that you have -- -- art thou only a stranger in jerusalem, and he said under them, what things? and they said unto him concerning jesus of nazareth which was at prophet mighty in deed and word before god and all the people, and had the chief priests and rulers delivered him to be crucified. --
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and when they found not his body they came saying that they also had seen a vision of angels which said that he was alive, and certain of them with us went to the sepulcher and him they saw not. he said unto them, oh fools and slow of hearts. after he satisfy the claims of justice into his glory beginning with moses and all the prophets he expounded unto them in all the scriptures and things concerning himself -- and he made as though he would've gone further but they constrained then saying abide with us, and the day is far spent and he went into terry with them, and he took bread and blessed
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them. >> any of the members of the public wish to speak? seeing none, general public comment is now closed. gvl (gavel)can we skip over the close adoption -- and move to the -- >> if a member object the matter can be removed and considered separately. >> president chiu: could you call a role and items 26-32. >> supervisor breed:aye >> supervisor campos:aye >> president chiu:aye >> supervisor cohen:aye >> supervisor farrell:aye >> supervisor kim:aye >> supervisor mar:aye >> supervisor tang:aye >> supervisor wiener:aye >> supervisor yee:aye
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>> supervisor avalos:aye there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: the resolution is adopted, the motion is approved. madam clerk and we go to item 25. >> in motion that the board of supervisors convene in a close section on april 23rd regarding existing litigation are turning to consolidate cases regarding the transient occupancy tax in which the city is a defendant pursuant to government code -- administrative code section 67.10 d1 which permits this post section. >> president chiu: at this time can we have a motion to go into closed section? is there any public comment on whether we should go into closed session?
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is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. with that, without objection that's going to closed section. if i could ask members of the public if you could please step out. and look forward to our city attorney and others stepping in. (board of supervisors in closed session)
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